November 27, 2022

Unparalleled video displays a bobcat raiding the unguarded nest of an invasive Burmese python for eggs and a standoff that adopted when the 14-foot snake returned to her nest within the Florida Everglades.

The photos within the Large Cypress Nationwide Maintain marks the “first documentation of any animal in Florida preying on python eggs” and the primary proof of any animal within the Everglades preventing again towards a Burmese python, in line with a file by way of the U.S. Geological Survey.  

The path cam video, captured by way of USGS cameras from June via August of 2021, displays a curious bobcat stalking the python’s nest of eggs. The local animal can also be noticed on June 1 coming near the unguarded nest and consuming the eggs, then returning the following day, digging on the nest and biting extra eggs.

When the bobcat returned later that very same day, the python used to be again along with her eggs and the bobcat can also be noticed steerage transparent. However on June 4, the bobcat returns and the path cam captures the animal swiping on the nesting python.

CBS Miami studies that over the process a number of days, the male bobcat can also be noticed “eating, trampling, caching, and uncovering the eggs whilst the python is long past, but in addition confronting the a lot better snake and buying and selling blows on a minimum of infrequently,” in line with the USGS.

Researchers mentioned the footage counsel the roughly 85-pound python at one level struck on the bobcat, which weighed about 20 kilos. They mentioned next photographs display the “python again atop her coils, dealing with the bobcat, which will then be noticed swiping on the python from the left facet of the body, then shifting to the proper because the python visually tracks the bobcat.”

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Days later, when biologists arrived, they moved the feminine python and located the nest have been destroyed, counting 42 “inviable or destroyed” eggs.

Over the following a number of weeks, the digital camera captured a bobcat “investigating the website online and scavenging the destroyed eggs and eggshells,” researchers mentioned.

The analysis used to be printed remaining month within the magazine of Ecology and Evolution.  

The video marks the primary proof of any animal within the Everglades preventing again towards a Burmese python, in line with the U.S. Geological Survey.

U.S. Geological Survey

Captive Burmese pythons let free by way of Typhoon Andrew’s destruction in 1992 have flourished within the southern Florida ecosystem, decimating native species within the procedure. 

As of late the Everglades are overrun with the large snakes and it is had devastating penalties. A 2012 learn about by way of the U.S. Geological Survey discovered that once Andrew exacerbated the Burmese python invasion of the Florida Everglades, populations of raccoons and opossums dropped more or less 99 % and a few species of rabbits and foxes successfully disappeared.