November 27, 2022

The next is a transcript of an interview with Ukrainian Ambassador to the U.S. Oksana Markarova that aired Sunday, March 6, 2022, on “Face the Country.”

MARGARET BRENNAN: And we are joined now by means of Ukraine’s Ambassador to the USA, Oksana Markarova. Welcome again to Face the Country, Ambassador. 

UKRAINIAN AMBASSADOR OKSANA MARKAROVA: Thanks, thanks very a lot for having me. 

MARGARET BRENNAN: Your president issued two pleas for lend a hand this morning. He stated if the west does no longer supply Ukraine with no less than planes, there is just one conclusion to make: you additionally need us to be killed very slowly. This morning Secretary Blinken stated there’s a inexperienced gentle for Poland to come up with the ones fighter jets. Are you aware if you’re going to get them, and what distinction will it make?

AMBASSADOR MARKAROVA: Smartly, as we see all over 11 previous days, I feel Ukrainians have proven to all of the global that we are not going to forestall and we are not going to give up. And we will be able to protect our houses. And prefer in 2014, when Russians attacked us the primary time and there was once this brutal destruction of Donetsk Airport, the place Ukrainian cyborgs, folks that- our army guys, defended the airport till the very finish, till it collapsed. And there’s a pronouncing we have now that, you understand, they- the cyborgs withstood the concrete did not. We don’t need that to occur once more, so we will be able to combat. Our courageous women and men of the military and all the civilians who’re preventing the enemy with out guns, even, will combat, and we want all the improve as a way to maintain this fight– 



MARGARET BRENNAN: –you know when the ones planes will come?

AMBASSADOR MARKAROVA: We are hoping once imaginable. And we’re running with our American, particularly, buddies and allies at the stable provide of all the ammunition and anti-air anti-tank and planes with the intention to successfully protect our nation. 

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MARGARET BRENNAN: It terrified the sector, frankly, this week, after they noticed that Russia fired on a nuclear energy plant in Ukraine. And their- your president instructed Congress the day past forces from Russia seized two nuclear energy crops in Ukraine. They are advancing towards a 3rd. Are you by yourself to protect those? Is any lend a hand coming from anyplace in Europe to safe the nuclear crops? 

AMBASSADOR MARKAROVA: Smartly, I feel it must come since the first station that they seized was once Chernobyl station, which may be very dangerous, however it’s not operational, so there may be a large number of waste there and the whole lot else. And because they- they- won- gained of the struggle the group of workers this is there may be held hostage. There are not any alternate of shifts, so it is vitally bad. The second’s operation is the biggest one in Europe. So if truth be told, that put the sector on the point of the nuclear crisis. And even supposing, once more, our firefighters had been ready to place down the hearth, no one is protected. Ukraine isn’t protected. Europe isn’t protected. As a result of those stations aren’t intended to be run by means of struggle criminals. They’re intended to be run by- run by means of accountable engineers. So- that is one thing that we’re elevating as a subject as a result of Ukraine has many energy crops, and they all might be below assault as a result of, once more, we are all are stunned no longer simplest about that every one this indiscriminatory shelling of civilians, taking pictures folks, bombing faculties and now nuclear crops. What is subsequent? 

MARGARET BRENNAN: So- however what’s the resolution there? Asking to- you know- U.N. Officers to come back in and lend a hand secure-? What’s the possibility to be had to Ukraine to safe those crops now? 

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AMBASSADOR MARKAROVA: That is the query to the sector. , we’re in a position for any possibility. We are speaking concerning the closed no- skies. We are speaking about any form of safety operations. We’re speaking to any individual. So, no matter, whoever, whether or not it is the U.N. or every other, or person international locations, I imply we must act in combination. We’re protecting it. We are doing the whole lot imaginable. We’re being accountable, even supposing we are protecting our house, our military are very cautious to not shoot on the energy crops, to not do any injury that would have an effect on no longer simplest Ukraine however us. We can not say that concerning the Russian criminals, who’re doing the whole lot particularly to damage Ukraine. 

MARGARET BRENNAN: And Russia, in fact, denies any of that is planned, and denies the experiences out of your executive that they are raping girls, that there’s a planned focused on of nuclear energy crops and infrastructure. They deny bombing the holocaust memorial intentionally. Do you assume that the global neighborhood is doing what it’s intended to do? Or do you are feeling just like the global device is failing Ukraine? 

AMBASSADOR MARKAROVA: Smartly, glance, first it’s appalling that Russia is denying it and that they- that they’re mendacity as a result of we see it on-line, and I wish to thank all the courageous women and men, newshounds, who are actually in Kyiv and all of the different puts appearing what is if truth be told going down in Ukraine. It occurs. They did it. They did it intentionally. We see it on movies, pictures and you understand all of us communicate to folks again house. So, Russians are escalating, and they’re fast, and we have very helpful- we are very grateful to all our companions, and particularly to the USA, to everybody, to President Biden, for the whole lot they are doing to improve us. However it’s transparent after 11 days that we additionally want all folks to transport sooner as a result of Russians are escalating. 

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MARGARET BRENNAN: You attended the State of the Union ultimate week as a visitor of the First Woman. The president addressed this nation speaking about Ukraine. That is very other for the American folks to listen to. How do you give an explanation for to the American folks why this $10 billion in support that President Biden is calling for? Why must U.S. taxpayers be involved and invested for your nation?

AMBASSADOR MARKAROVA: Smartly, Ukraine did not do the rest to be attacked. If we did not impress Russia, we did not do the rest. We weren’t a danger to Russia except being a relaxed democracy and simply peacefully leaving for your personal nation is a danger. And if it is so, then it is not simplest about Ukraine, then Europe and the entire global isn’t protected. I imply, we see President Putin threatening everybody with all of the forces, together with the nuclear pressure. We need to prevent him as a result of once more, it is not only a few battle, it is not only a few regional drawback. It is a full-fledged struggle {that a} nuclear massive energy that if truth be told signed and assurances, along side the USA and Nice Britain after we denuclearize Ukraine voluntarily in 1994 – signed gave us assurances to not assault us. So, we’re first, and we want to prevent Putin and this legal struggle in Ukraine, reasonably than ready till all of us in combination must combat it far and wide.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Madam Ambassador, thanks once more for becoming a member of us and we will be proper again with much more face the country, so stick with us.