August 13, 2022
“Sunday Morning” at the beginning broadcast this tale on February 6, 2022.  In 1970 Peggy

“Sunday Morning” at the beginning broadcast this tale on February 6, 2022. 

In 1970 Peggy Lee gained a Grammy for “Is That All There Is,” a music that many heard as an anthem of ennui …

Is that every one there’s? Is that every one there’s?
If that is all there’s my pals, then let’s stay dancing
Let’s get away the booze and feature a ball
If that is all there’s

Is That All There Is? (Remastered) by means of
Peggy Lee – Subject on

… however now not Lee, says her granddaughter, Holly Foster-Wells: “She noticed it as completely life-affirming and hopeful, that unhealthy issues are gonna occur and that you’ll upward push above them. Rise up and feature a ball. Have fun existence, despite all of this that is taking place.”

And Lee had so much to have fun. At 50 she used to be already a legend, an artist of astonishing versatility – a grasp of cool (with “Black Espresso”), a heartbreaker (“Then Was once Then (And Now Is Now)”), and a trailblazer [“I’m a Woman”].

Correspondent Mo Rocca requested Lee biographer Peter Richmond, “Musically, what number of other Peggy Lees have been there?”

“Oh God, dozens!” he laughed. “There is Latin. There is blues. There is jazz. There is pop. ‘Oh, you need me to do “The Other folks Who Reside On The Hill” so you’ll be able to weep? I will do this.’ ‘You wish to have me to do “Black Espresso’ so that you assume it is like, Oh, I am placing out with junkies at a kitchen desk? I will do this.'”

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And all of the ones Peggy Lees can also be traced again to the desolate plains of North Dakota, and the woman then named Norma Deloris Egstrom. There, within the tiny the city of Wimbledon, in what is now the Peggy Lee museum, Norma spent her highschool years.

Rocca stated, “That wind, it is like a rumbling.”

“It is robust; it feels find it irresistible may blow this space down,” stated Foster-Wells.

Peggy Lee’s granddaughter, Holly Foster-Wells, with correspondent Mo Rocca, in the home the place Lee grew up, in Wimbledon, N.D. 

CBS Information

Her mom had died when she used to be simply 4. Her father, town’s railroad depot supervisor, used to be an alcoholic. Foster-Wells stated, “He in point of fact now and then could not run the depot, so she must take over for him.”

Worse nonetheless, her father remarried a lady who used to be bodily abusive. Lee later wrote that her stepmother as soon as beat her over the top with a solid iron skillet.

“My grandmother, she stated she would glance out on the railroad tracks and simply believe the place they led,” stated Foster-Wells. “It used to be some way out. That is what the railroad represented to her. And naturally, her opposite direction out used to be tune.”

Singer Peggy Lee c. 1945. 

Hulton Archive/Getty Pictures

By means of 17 she used to be making a song at the radio as Peggy Lee, and earlier than lengthy traveling with Benny Goodman’s band, ceaselessly the one lady at the bus.

“She stated that those males at all times regarded out for her,” Foster-Wells stated. “Other people took her below their wing. She had that high quality, the place you sought after to give protection to her.”

By means of now she’d cultivated a method that used to be as minimalist because the panorama she’d grown up in – cool, however by no means chilly.

Foster-Wells stated, “She had the philosophy of much less is extra. And he or she would deliver you in. Like, you had to concentrate.”

Richmond added, “And so, for the remainder of her existence, she knew that the extra she may get the room silent, the extra she’s were given them.”

“She stated the problem is to go away out all however the necessities – holding it proper there, minimum,” stated Foster-Wells.”

Peggy Lee and the Benny Goodman Orchestra carry out “Why Do not You Do Proper” within the 1943 musical, “Degree Door Canteen”:

Why Do not You Do Proper – Peggy Lee – Benny Goodman Orch 1943 by means of
maynardcat on

It used to be whilst traveling with Goodman that she met guitarist Dave Barbour. They married in 1943. 

“They’d such chemistry in combination,” stated Foster-Wells. “That used to be the affection of her existence, my grandfather.”

Peggy Lee plays “I Do not Know Sufficient About You”:

“I Do not Know Sufficient About You” (Authentic Video) – Peggy Lee by means of
Peggy Lee on

However Barbour, like her father, had a ingesting downside, person who most effective were given worse as Lee were given larger, and the wedding led to 1951.

“It broke her center,” Foster-Wells stated. “However simply as she at all times has performed, it fueled her tune.”

Do not cry, there will be every other spring
I do know our hearts will dance once more
And sing once more, so look ahead to me ’til then

The Nineteen Fifties have been Lee’s maximum prolific and leading edge length. A rarity amongst ladies on the time, she used to be a singer-songwriter with 270 songs to her title.

Rocca requested, “As a child, used to be it in point of fact cool for you that your grandmother used to be a part of ‘Girl and the Tramp’?”

“That is how my pals knew of her!” Foster-Wells answered.

Lee co-wrote the ranking to the Disney vintage, and used to be the voices of the Siamese cats; Darling, the mum; and Peg within the canine pound. 

In 1958 Lee had her largest hit with “Fever,” with an association all her personal: simply bass, drums, and finger snaps:

Fever by means of
Peggy Lee – Subject on

Richmond stated, “She’s holding such a lot in. If this (finger snaps) is the one factor to sign what you are making a song about, that is robust.”

However to look Peggy Lee reside used to be to be spellbound, as evidenced on this hypnotic efficiency of “See See Rider,” at Basin Side road East in New York:

Peggy Lee – See See Rider by means of
whippetontherun on

“She slightly strikes,” stated Foster-Wells. “Like, she simply strikes a bit of shoulder. And simply her face. And it is so attractive.”

It used to be inevitable that Lee would reach icon standing. “She kinda got here up with that bob and the glasses,” Foster-Wells stated. “And it is humorous, ‘reason then I noticed Gwen Stefani doing the similar factor.”

“Most definitely now not a accident!” stated Rocca.

She impressed the Muppets personality Omit Piggy, at the beginning named Omit Piggy Lee. “She concept that used to be incredible. I imply, that pig is glamorous,” Foster-Wells stated.

“Omit Piggy is the paragon of glamor,” stated Rocca.

“Proper. And he or she’s a diva. And my grandma used to be a diva!”

And her existence used to be glamorous. She recorded house motion pictures of events at her Bel Air property.

However one music spoke to her largest unfulfilled want.

At some point we’re going to construct a house
On a hilltop top, you and I,
Glossy and new, a cottage that two can fill.
And we’re going to be happy to be known as
“The oldsters who continue to exist the hill.”

The Other folks Who Reside On The Hill (Remastered 2001) by means of
Peggy Lee – Subject on

Foster-Wells stated, “‘The Other folks Who Reside On The Hill,’ that is her very favourite music. And I believe it simply paints this image of an idyllic courting and rising previous in combination, and at all times having that soulmate by means of your facet.”

After Dave Barbour, Lee married and divorced 3 extra instances, earlier than she died in 2002.

Rocca requested, “And do you assume she used to be in the end glad?”

“That could be a in point of fact difficult query,” Foster-Wells answered. “I believe she had implausible moments of happiness, however interspersed with implausible loss, heartbreak, unhappiness, concern.”

“And the place do you assume the concern got here from?”

“She stated, if truth be told, it got here from rising up with out what in point of fact, what she felt used to be a house.”

Then sooner or later he went away and I assumed I would die, however I did not
And when I did not, I stated to myself
Is that every one there’s to like?

“However,” Foster-Wells stated, “she shouldn’t have been Peggy Lee with out this heartache and this ache. And that’s what resonates with other folks, is that fact. She would say to me, ‘This tune is gonna outlive me.'”

“She knew,” stated Rocca.

“She knew.”

Peggy Lee plays “Is That All There Is” on “Kraft Tune Corridor” in 1969. 


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