August 12, 2022
NASA’s $1 billion Lucy asteroid probe is safely on its method, however engineers are finding

NASA’s $1 billion Lucy asteroid probe is safely on its method, however engineers are finding out telemetry indicating one in all its two round photo voltaic arrays might not be totally deployed and latched in position, the company stated in a weblog submit Sunday.

Lucy used to be introduced from Cape Canaveral early Saturday atop a United Release Alliance Atlas 5 rocket and launched on a trajectory putting in place two velocity-boosting gravity-assist Earth flybys in 2022 and 2024 to fling the craft out to a swarm of asteroids sharing Jupiter’s orbit.

A 3rd Earth flyby is deliberate for 2030 to ship the craft to a couple of asteroids in every other “Trojan” swarm in 2033.

Two frames from a pc animation produced by means of NASA’s Goddard House Flight Middle display how the Lucy asteroid probe’s two photo voltaic arrays are designed to spread in a round type. Telemetry signifies one of the most two arrays won’t have locked within the totally open place after release Saturday.




Constructed by means of Lockheed Martin House, Lucy might be running further from the solar than another solar-powered spacecraft ahead of it, and its two Northrop Grumman-built arrays, designed to spread 360 levels like Chinese language enthusiasts, are crucial to undertaking luck.

In a while after release Saturday, NASA showed each 24-foot-wide arrays had deployed and had been producing energy. However on Sunday, the company stated one of the most arrays might not be latched in position.

“Following a a success release … research of NASA’s Lucy spacecraft techniques display the spacecraft is working neatly and is strong,” the weblog submit stated. “Lucy’s two photo voltaic arrays have deployed, and each are generating energy and the battery is charging.”

“Whilst one of the most arrays has latched, indications are that the second one array might not be totally latched. All different subsystems are standard. Within the present spacecraft perspective, Lucy can proceed to function without a risk to its well being and protection.”

An artist’s impact of the Lucy probe because it flies previous a Trojan asteroid.


It is not but transparent whether or not the array in query is, in truth, totally deployed however no longer latched in position or whether or not it didn’t achieve complete deployment and isn’t producing an identical quantity of energy as its counterpart. It is usually no longer but transparent whether or not Lucy can safely fireplace its maneuvering thrusters with an unlatched array.

Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA’s science leader, stated he used to be assured engineers will get to the bottom of the issue.

“The 2 photo voltaic arrays have deployed, however one might not be totally latched,” he tweeted. “The crew is examining information to decide subsequent steps. This crew has triumph over many demanding situations already and I’m assured they’ll be successful right here as neatly.”

Whether or not intentional or no longer, Zurbuchen’s tweet incorporated a body from the Goddard animation above appearing one array totally deployed and one with an opening indicating a partial deployment.

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